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Top 5 Most Common AC Repair Needs

It’s tough to go without air conditioning, especially if it’s the middle of summer or an otherwise uncomfortable part of the year. Few people would notice a broken AC in the middle of winter, after all, so the timing always seems inconvenient. AC units usually have a lifespan of around 15 years if well maintained, but there are still common AC repair jobs that pop up along the way.

Whether you’ve experienced one of these issues yourself or are just trying to prepare for possible issues, keep reading to see the top five AC problems.

#1 – Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for a lot of the actual “cooling” that happens in your air conditioner. Typically, systems use Freon or Puron, but both ultimately accomplish the same thing. Oftentimes, refrigerant leaks are slow and grow over time, rather than losing everything at once. Check for these signs and call in a trusted company to handle this AC repair.


  • Air conditioning runs longer
  • The air feels warmer
  • Higher utility bills

#2 – Capacitor Issues

Capacitors help your AC motor start up and keep running up to speed. Some capacitors last as long as 10 years, but considering a well-maintained AC unit may function between 15 to 20 years, the odds are that you’ll have to replace your capacitor at least once.

To spot a capacitor on its way out (or that already needs to be replaced) look for these tells.


  • You can’t hear the capacitor and fan at the same time
  • The air from your vents isn’t cold
  • Humming noise
  • AC unit randomly shuts off or refuses to turn on

#3 – Clogged Filter

Most people need to change their air filter every three months, though some last for six months. Failure to put in a clean filter allows dust, dirt, hair, and other debris to build up. You’ll get poor air quality and (eventually) less airflow. If it becomes completely blocked, it may cause the unit to freeze up. Fortunately, changing out a filter is easy, and you can do it yourself in a few minutes. Include it in your regular maintenance routine to avoid a potentially costly AC repair down the road.

#4 – Failed Blower Motor

Like capacitors, blower motors tend to last for a while. If you don’t keep your unit free of dirt and debris, they’ll wear out faster, though. It’s best to handle basic maintenance so they’ll stick around as long as possible, as it’s difficult to repair or replace them yourself. Look for these signs of a failed or failing motor.


  • Burning smell
  • Banging or grinding sound
  • No airflow

#5 – Compressor Gone Bad

Last but not least, we’ve come to the compressor. Your compressor circulates refrigerant and facilitates the heat exchange that cools the air. Too little refrigerant may cause it to seize, it may have bad bearings or a few other issues. If yours has gone bad, you may notice the following.


  • Screeching or grinding
  • You can’t hear the condenser and fan motor together


If you plan on keeping your AC unit for its entire lifespan, odds are you’ll need at least one of the above repairs at some point. Fortunately, they can all be handled with ease by trained professionals. To avoid them as long as possible, keep up with regular maintenance, and don’t ignore problems as they arise.


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