What Is an AC Tune-Up? Understanding the HVAC Tech’s Checklist

Regular AC tune-ups are essential for maintaining the efficiency, performance, and longevity of your air conditioning system. But what exactly happens during an AC tune-up? Understanding the HVAC technician’s checklist can help you appreciate the importance of this service and ensure your AC is running smoothly when you need it most. In this blog, we’ll […]

Tips for More Affordable Cooling

As temperatures start to rise, so do energy bills. This is especially accurate when it comes to cooling a home. The good news is that there are several methods to make your cooling less expensive without being uncomfortable. Below are a few of our favorite tips about how to stay cool and save money during […]

4 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Be Serviced

With each year shattering previous heat records, it’s more important than ever before that your home’s air conditioning system is in good working condition. Regular service is critical to this. Without ongoing maintenance, your air conditioner could suffer from additional wear and tear, fail to cool your home, or even fail prematurely. Not sure if […]

Indoor Humidity: How Does an Air Conditioner Remove Indoor Humidity?

When you think about humidity, it’s natural to think about the outdoors and how humid it can be in areas of the country with lots of trees and vegetation. It’s not necessarily something you think about in the desert of Nevada. However, humidity exists more than just outside, but in your home as well. There […]

5 Signs That Indicate Your AC Fan Motor Is Bad.

Your air conditioning system relies on various components to keep your home cool and comfortable, and one critical part is the fan motor. When your AC fan motor begins to fail, it can lead to inefficient cooling, increased energy bills, and potential system breakdowns. Identifying the signs of a failing fan motor early can save […]

How to Clean a Washable Air Filter

Over the years, the most common choice in air filters has been the disposable option. However, reusable air filters have grown in popularity as they have become more of a priority to eliminate waste and single-use items. If you’re wondering if you should switch to a washable air filter, you likely have questions about the […]

Tips for Preventing AC Damages

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioner going out on the hottest day of the year. Yet, that seems to be the only time these units want to act up. The breakdown may have been expected, with signs showing in the weeks before the disaster, or it may seem to have come out of nowhere. […]

Should Your AC Drip Water Outside? Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Condensation Process

Your air conditioner unit is likely a staple in your home during warm weather. However, homeowners may notice their air conditioner leaking water outside when they walk past the unit. Seeing this water can be concerning if you aren’t clear on how an AC works. Understanding Your Air Conditioner Your air conditioner works by absorbing […]

Las Vegas Air Repairs a Failed AC Unit with Temperatures Over 110 Degrees

Like most home systems, AC units tend to fail at the worst possible time. That was the case for one Las Vegas homeowner in the middle of June as the temperatures in the city climbed to as high as 118 degrees in some areas. Part of the problem is that the Maciulewicz family didn’t realize […]

Indoor vs Outdoor Air Pollution: The Difference and How HVAC Maintenance Can Help

The quality of the air we breathe is important to all aspects of our health and well-being. Different types of air pollution can affect air quality, including indoor and outdoor air pollution, which both come in several forms. Understanding them can help you create a healthier environment in your home. What Is Indoor Air Pollution? […]