How many times AC needs to be serviced?

As we rely on our air conditioning (AC) systems to keep our homes cool and comfortable, the question of how frequently they need to be serviced often arises. Regular AC maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that influence the frequency of AC service and provide […]

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

In the scorching heat of summer, a running AC that fails to deliver the expected coolness can be frustrating. Understanding the potential reasons behind this common issue is essential for homeowners seeking relief. Let’s delve into the possible causes and practical solutions to get your air conditioner back on track. Common Causes: Dirty or Clogged […]

Decoding Durability: How Long Does Your HVAC AC System Last?

Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is a cornerstone of home comfort, especially in extreme weather conditions. Understanding the lifespan of your AC unit is crucial for planning and maintenance. Let’s unravel the factors that influence the longevity of your HVAC AC system and how you can maximize its lifespan. Factors Influencing Lifespan: […]

How to Clean a Washable Air Filter

Over the years, the most common choice in air filters has been the disposable option. However, reusable air filters have grown in popularity as they have become more of a priority to eliminate waste and single-use items. If you’re wondering if you should switch to a washable air filter, you likely have questions about the […]

How to Program a Honeywell Thermostat

Getting a new Honeywell thermostat is exciting, especially with all the latest tech available. Once you’ve installed it, it’s time to learn how to use a Honeywell thermostat. Find Out What Thermostat You Have First, you need to find out what kind of thermostat you have. The way you use yours will be based on […]

Tips for Preventing AC Damages

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioner going out on the hottest day of the year. Yet, that seems to be the only time these units want to act up. The breakdown may have been expected, with signs showing in the weeks before the disaster, or it may seem to have come out of nowhere. […]

Should Your AC Drip Water Outside? Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Condensation Process

Your air conditioner unit is likely a staple in your home during warm weather. However, homeowners may notice their air conditioner leaking water outside when they walk past the unit. Seeing this water can be concerning if you aren’t clear on how an AC works. Understanding Your Air Conditioner Your air conditioner works by absorbing […]

New AC Innovations: The Cool Future of Air Conditioning Technologies

We’ve seen more advances with today’s technology than any generation before. While a lot of this can be seen in cars and gadgets, the home is another place where technology saves money and improves function. AC functions are evolving to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective. In fact, some exciting innovations are currently breaking out in […]

What Are Air Conditioner Capacitors and How Do They Work?

As a responsible homeowner, it’s important to understand your home’s systems and how they function. You’ll still want to call the experts for repairs, of course, but knowledge can go a long way in helping you figure out what’s going on before you even pick up the phone. Air conditioners have a lot of different […]

Las Vegas Air Repairs a Failed AC Unit with Temperatures Over 110 Degrees

Like most home systems, AC units tend to fail at the worst possible time. That was the case for one Las Vegas homeowner in the middle of June as the temperatures in the city climbed to as high as 118 degrees in some areas. Part of the problem is that the Maciulewicz family didn’t realize […]