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4 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

Unless you move around a lot and have incredible luck, there’s probably air conditioning service at some point in your future. While AC units are long-lasting (especially if they’re properly maintained), they do need occasional attention. Parts wear out at different rates, so even if you get 20 years of use out of your unit, everything inside it might not make it to that finish line.


Ignoring the first signs of trouble can result in more costly and extensive repairs down the line, too. Most homeowners want to avoid that if possible. Here are the top signs that you need to schedule an AC service soon.

#1 – Warm Air

We’re talking about air conditioners here. Their primary function is to blow cool air into your home! If you put your hand in front of the vent and feel warm or room-temperature air instead, there’s a problem.

Several possible issues cause warm air. You might be looking at something as simple as a small refrigerant leak that’s easy to repair and fill again, or you might have strayed into failed compressor territory or have a problem with your motor. Oftentimes, what begins as an easy, quick fix becomes something bigger and more expensive if it’s ignored, so don’t put off calling the professionals if your air conditioning isn’t as cool as it’s meant to be.

#2 – Poor Airflow

Your AC unit is cooling the air, but you’re not feeling very much of it. That’s more than just an annoyance – it’s an issue you need to handle as quickly as possible. Poor airflow can be caused by something as easily remedied as a clogged air filter. It could also mean issues with your condenser, a leaky duct, or something even more inconvenient. Not to mention, poor airflow causes your unit to work harder and drives up your energy costs, too.

#3 – Loud or New Noises

As a property owner, it’s disconcerting to hear new, unexpected noises coming from anything. That’s certainly true if they’re coming from your AC unit, and it practically always means you need to call for AC service.

Certain noises indicate specific problems. Grinding may mean an issue with your blower motor while screeching could point a technician to your compressor. It’s difficult to diagnose the exact problem on sound alone, but the one thing you’ll know for certain is that it’s time to get someone out to take a look.

#4 – Burning Smells

If you catch a burning smell from your AC unit, don’t waste any time handling it. Turn off the power to your unit and call for someone to check it out as soon as possible. Certain failing (or failed) parts cause an electrical burning smell and possibly even a fire risk. Any hint of something burning requires emergency air conditioning service if possible.


The best thing you can do for your AC (and your household) is to address maintenance issues as they arise. At the first sign of trouble, schedule air conditioning service to keep the problem from turning into something bigger.


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