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The Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Practices

Regular maintenance is the single best way to prolong the life of your air conditioning system. It makes a major difference and helps you save on energy bills and repair costs. Those all add up to a big expense, even if they happen in increments or trickle in over time. By properly maintaining your AC, you prevent issues that turn into big problems down the line. Follow the steps listed in this article and you could increase the lifespan of your unit by years, possibly even a decade!

Change the Filters

Changing out your filters is one of the most basic pieces of air conditioning maintenance. It’s easy to do yourself, so this is one step where you probably won’t need professional help. Check the manufacturing guides on your filters and find the recommended schedule for swapping them out. Some filters need to be changed every month while others only require a replacement every three months.


It never hurts to take a quick look at your filters to see if they appear clogged. Dust, dirt, debris, pet hair, and all manner of things collect and create buildup on the filter. Leaving a clogged filter in place can cause the whole system to back up. At that point, you’re dealing with a large problem that is easily prevented.

Clean Your Outside Unit

Most homes have their condenser or compressor situated outside, meaning it’s exposed to the elements and anything else out there. It’s important to keep it clear of debris and dirt. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging equipment and just wearing down the components more quickly.


You can take care of basic cleaning yourself. Make sure you turn it off before beginning or you’ll be cleaning around a spinning fan motor. Once it’s turned off, clear away any debris, objects, and excess dirt away from the area surrounding the unit. Open the top of the unit and clean the fan and fins, too. If there are any bends or misshapen areas in the fins, straighten those out while you’re in there.

Clean the Inside Unit

If you have an indoor evaporator, it also requires regular cleaning and inspection. While it isn’t exposed to the elements in the same way as the condenser or compressor, it can’t be neglected. Keep the coil clean to ensure adequate heating and cooling around the house, check the drain, and change the blower filter if necessary.

Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

While you can (and should) take the steps above to maintain your AC, scheduling yearly maintenance with an expert is critical, too. Professional repair companies check drain lines, test refrigerant levels, clean equipment, look into any issues you have, and more.


Certain maintenance steps require more knowledge and experience than most homeowners have, so scheduling an inspection with a trained repair company is the only way to keep your air conditioning in the best shape possible. Your AC is a valuable part of your home. Do everything you can to take care of it!


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