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How Do You Know It’s Time for New AC Installation?

Installing new air conditioning is intimidating. People dread the cost and put it off longer than they should, risking damage to their homes. No HVAC system lasts forever, no air conditioning unit lasts a lifetime, and eventually, you will need a replacement. Depending on your situation, that might happen sooner rather than later.

Nevertheless, it’s understandable to want certainty. Why opt for a new installation if you could repair the damage and keep your AC working longer? Below are a few of the tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade and schedule AC installation. Keep in mind that regular maintenance and checks from certified repair companies prolong the lifespan of air conditioning units and systems. If you want to get the most life from your AC, don’t skip out on the recommended maintenance!

Your System is Old

With the right maintenance, HVAC systems can last up to 25 years. While that is an impressive amount of time, all good things must come to an end, which includes your AC. Many people don’t maintain their units to the highest standards, further shortening their lifespan. Certain climates require running your air conditioning year-round (or close to it). That translates to less longevity. The harder they work, the quicker they wear down.

Once your HVAC unit is around 10 to 15 years old, start saving up for AC installation. It is a big expense, though certain home warranties may cover the cost. Preparing ahead of time for the replacement means it won’t be a blow when it’s time to schedule the installation.

Energy Costs

If your energy costs are going up but you haven’t changed your heating or cooling habits, your air conditioning could be on its last leg. The first step is to get an expert to check things out and make sure there are no immediate repairs to fix the issue. There’s no need to completely replace a unit if you can clear the drain lines instead. However, if there’s no obvious issue or solution and your bill keeps climbing, it’s probably time to install a new unit.

Old HVAC units are an energy drain. Replacing them as they wear down, even if they haven’t completely stopped working yet, is better for the environment and your bank account. The AC installation fee is a one-time expense, but the savings from lower electricity bills add up every month.

The Repairs Don’t Stop

Has your local AC repair company been to your home so often that you’re on a first-name basis? If your air conditioning needs frequent and continued repairs, it’s probably time to replace it altogether. The cost of all those repairs will continue to stack and only offer short-term solutions. Sometimes, it’s better to cut your losses and install new air conditioning instead of patching up the old system again and again.


There’s no need to dread AC installation. By finding a trained and trusted repair company, the installation process will be painless and you’ll be enjoying your new system and energy savings quickly.


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