Air Conditioning Maintenance: Your Spring and Fall Checklist

In seasonal climates, HVAC maintenance should be done twice per year, and it should be done on each system separately (furnace, air conditioner, water heater, etc.). This maintenance consists of checking all the usual functions and elements as well as preparing the various equipment for the months ahead. In the case of your AC unit, […]

AC Repair and Upkeep: DIY vs. Professional Service

Everyone wants to spend less money on home repairs and maintenance. That usually involves attempting to do some of the work themselves. There are some aspects of maintenance and repair that you can handle with your air conditioning unit, and there are others that are best left to the pros. If your air conditioner is […]

Maintain Your Air Conditioner for a Cool Environment as the Temperatures Rise

When you maintain your air conditioner, you save money on energy but also ensure the unit stays in good shape as long as possible. Having a well-running air conditioner ensures moisture is removed from the air so everyone in the home stays comfortable. Badly operating or dirty units can be bad for human health and […]

The Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Practices

Regular maintenance is the single best way to prolong the life of your air conditioning system. It makes a major difference and helps you save on energy bills and repair costs. Those all add up to a big expense, even if they happen in increments or trickle in over time. By properly maintaining your AC, […]

How Do You Know It’s Time for New AC Installation?

Installing new air conditioning is intimidating. People dread the cost and put it off longer than they should, risking damage to their homes. No HVAC system lasts forever, no air conditioning unit lasts a lifetime, and eventually, you will need a replacement. Depending on your situation, that might happen sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, it’s […]

Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Could Be in Trouble

When you live in Las Vegas, having air conditioning is not just a good idea—it’s needed. You want to be sure your AC is always in good working order. Of course, a lot of people take their air conditioning for granted. They only think about the AC when something goes wrong. However, if you don’t […]

Tips for Keeping Air Conditioning in Good Working Order

Your air conditioner works hard for you, so it only makes sense that you should do whatever you can to help keep it in good condition. Below, we’ll be looking at some of the simple but effective things you can do to help ensure your AC keeps running and keeping you cool. Check the Filter […]

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

You know you need an air conditioner. However, which type is right for your home? If your home didn’t already come outfitted with a system or you’re in the market for a whole new one, then knowing the ins and outs of all types can help you choose the best one for your house type […]

Utilizing Your Air Conditioner Effectively

There are no two ways about it: if you live in Las Vegas, your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. You use it every single day, and you look forward to coming home to a cool, refreshing house every afternoon. Since you use your air conditioner so much, it’s […]

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Efficient

Heating and cooling are essential no matter where you live. Having a reliable professional in your corner like Elite Heating & Cooling Las Vegas can go a long way towards creating a comfortable home year-round. The key is proper maintenance of your HVAC system. With a little bit of preventative care, you can ensure your […]