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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

You know you need an air conditioner. However, which type is right for your home? If your home didn’t already come outfitted with a system or you’re in the market for a whole new one, then knowing the ins and outs of all types can help you choose the best one for your house type and lifestyle.


The first choice you need to make is between stand-alone and split-system air conditioners. Stand-alone systems only have one device, which can make it easier to maintain and set up. However, they usually only cool a small area, which means that they’re best suited for studios, small apartments, or single rooms.


Split systems, on the other hand, work with two connected devices: one that does the actual air cooling and another that moves the cooled air through the home.


  • Types of stand-alone units: floor-mounted, through-the-wall, window units, portable air conditioners


Portable Air Conditioners – Portable AC units are inexpensive, quick, and can be taken from place to place. These are great if you move around often or if you want to cool different parts of your home at different times.


Window Units – You’ll need to choose one that provides the BTUs you need for your particular space, as well as the type and size of your window.


Floor-Mounted – These units are mounted on the floor and have two metal pipes that go through the wall to get rid of hot air. They take up a lot of space, but can sometimes be utilized as heaters in the winter.


Through-the-Wall – These are built into windows or installed in the wall. One side of the AC faces the inside of the home and the other faces the outside.


  • Types of split-system units: central AC, wall-mounted, ceiling units, mini-splits


Central AC – By far the most popular solution, this one is a “do and done.” Once you get your home set up with central AC, you simply have to touch the thermostat buttons and your whole home is cooled—usually quickly and quietly.


Wall-Mounted – You can install multiple of these units to one outside shell, allowing more of your home to be cooled at once. Sometimes, these can also be mounted on the floor.


Ceiling Units – These are quite common in offices—they’re attached to the air pipes that go through the ceiling to transfer air through the entire building. They look good and can cool large spaces quite effectively.

Mini-Splits – This is the most common choice of split-system air conditioners because they don’t require extra ductwork. They’re not only energy-efficient, but they’re also much less expensive than central AC. They can also cool moderate- to large-sized homes without significant effort.


When it comes down to it, there’s no best system for everyone. If you need help deciding which would work best for you, reach out to Elite Heating and AC Repair. Not only can we help you decide, but we can also deliver your chosen unit to you and get you installed and cooled off quickly and affordably.

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