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Is It Time to Repair Your Heating System?

Las Vegas temperatures give us both ends of the spectrum—sweltering temperatures in the summer and freezing drops in the winter. You might have forgotten about your heating system during the spring and summer months, but now that it’s getting colder you’re remembering that your heating system wasn’t working so great last winter. Is it exhibiting any of these signs?


  1. Higher Utility Bills – The biggest sign that your heater needs replacing is that your heat bills are way more than they were last year. This could be a sign that your heating system is overworked, dirty, or outdated.


  1. Outdated Service – When was the last time you had your furnace checked? Systems should have annual check-ups, so if you didn’t get one last winter, you’re overdue.


  1. Yellow Flame – Many systems have a “peephole” where you can see what color your pilot light is. If it’s yellowish, that’s a sign that your system is dirty. This could also mean it’s producing excess carbon monoxide, which puts you and your family at risk.


  1. Dusty Vents – Dusty furnace filters mean that your heating system has to work harder to put out warm air. It also means that dust is cycling back through the air in your house.


  1. Weird, Loud Noises – A furnace is known for making noise, but if you can’t hear yourself think over the pops, squeaks, and crashes that your furnace makes every time you turn your thermostat up, it probably means it’s working harder than it has to.


  1. House Won’t Heat Up – If you’re noticing that the house just never feels warm—even when the heater has been on all day—it’s probably a sign that the heating system needs maintenance, cleaning, or replacement.


  1. Dead Batteries – Your heating system batteries may have just run their course. Thermostat batteries often need replacing, too, so if those are dead, the thermostat won’t be able to signal to the heating system when it’s supposed to heat things up.


  1. Stopping and Starting – If your heating system doesn’t complete a cycle or is constantly turning on and off, it probably means that it needs a good cleaning or that there’s a part needing replacement.


  1. Furnace Won’t Turn On – Of course, if the furnace won’t turn on, something is up. The fan could be broken, your gas supply could be faulty, or the pilot light could be out.


  1. It Just Looks Old – If you look at your furnace and just know that it’s not up-to-date, trust your instincts. Have a team of experts come to give your entire system a once-over to see where things can be improved.


If you read through this list and see that you’ve said “yes” to even one or two of these signs that your heater needs repair, give Elite Heating and AC a call. We’ll come out and get your home warm and comfortable again—affordably—so that you can enjoy the holidays in all ways.

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