Plan Ahead to Avoid Frozen Pipes

We can understand why so many people love winter. The cooler weather brings relief to the summer heat, the snow can be beautiful, and the season is cozy and perfect for cuddling up on a couch inside.

But winter can also wreak havoc on your home’s pipes. The water in your pipes can freeze during a cold spell and burst the pipe, leaving you with a costly and messy issue that can ruin the season. This includes the pipes in your home as well as the irrigation system. Plan ahead this season and take some preventative measures to protect yourself from this costly plumbing repair.

Insulate the Exposed Pipes

All the pipes in and around your home that are exposed to the outdoors are at risk of freezing in colder temperatures. Plan for the worst by insulating these pipes with insulation wrap. It can slide easily over any length of exposed pipe. It can be cut to size for shorter pipes and applied without the need for expert tools. It also can help reduce heat loss on these pipes, ensuring more hot water gets to where it’s needed.

Cover and Protect the Outlets

Any residential plumbing services have some form of outlet, whether it’s a hose bib, a faucet, or an irrigation outlet. Cover the faucets with protectors sold anywhere plumbing repair materials are sold. A particularly susceptible component is the PVB or pressure vacuum breaker. It prevents anything from entering your irrigation lines and corrupting the system. Shut off and drain the PVB by closing the incoming water and opening up the automatic valve to allow air to drain the water in the PVB.

Disconnect Water Pipes

To avoid calling a plumbing contractor for an emergency repair, take the time to simply walk around your property, disconnecting any lines and hoses that you won’t need for the winter. Roll up and put away hoses, close all faucets, and keep drainage clear around the home.

If you need help, you can contact Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Our licensed plumbing contractor can give you a free diagnostic on your plumbing service and advise the best way to prepare for the winter. Contact us today for all your residential plumbing services.

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