2016 Winter Heating Guide – Preparing to Face the Cold

Winter is just around the corner. If you want your home to be as warm and comfortable as possible, without ending up bankrupted due to the heating bills, it is time you considered some preparations and safety measures.

10 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Heating Bills Low

  1. Welcome sun into your home. Those heavy curtains and opaque blinds may have been useful in summer, but you should now leave them wide open during the day. Let the sunlight warm up your tile or concrete floors, and they will release some of that heat in the evening.
  2. Heat only the rooms you use. Heating rooms you don’t use is a waste of energy and money. Instead, keep them at a bearable temperature, to prevent freezing, moss and moisture build-up, and set a higher temperature only in the rooms you use every day.
  3. Improve insulation. The better your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors are insulated, the less heat will escape your home, and the lower your costs will be. Improving your home insulation is neither easy nor cheap, but turn it into a long-term goal, and keep it in mind whenever you plan home repairs or renovations.
  4. Draught proof your windows and doors. All those tiny gaps and cracks lead heat out of your home, so they need to be filled. You can do this with door draught excluders, window-sealing strips, and various types of caulking.
  5. Use an energy efficient, properly sized heating system. It will consume less energy, enabling you to save money and protect the environment at the same time. To choose the right one for your home, you should consult an experienced heating contractor.
  6. Install ceiling fans. They will push the heat towards the floor and prevent it from rising up towards the ceiling, keeping your rooms warmer.
  7. Set the thermostat of the heater as low as possible. Every additional degree will raise your running costs by approximately 10%.
  8. Keep your heater with the louvers oriented towards the floor and the blades and filters clean. This will help heat the room faster given that hot air tends to rise, will maintain a constant airflow, and will prevent dust and germs from spreading.
  9. Dress warmer. You cannot expect to put up with the cold in a T-shirt, so put on a fluffy sweater, or a warm jacket instead.
  10. Work with professionals. No matter if you just want your heating system checked before the winter or you need more complex heating repair works, professional heating services are your best bet. Trusting amateurs could cost you money and comfort, so don’t risk it!

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today! Contact us now and let us check your heating system, to make sure it is ready for the upcoming winter! At Elite, we have the experience, know-how, and resources to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

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