Maintenance Checklist for Central Heating System

Because you only rely on your central heating system during certain seasons, it can go for long stretches without ever being used. Central Heating system maintenance can be quite easy if you can regularly check-up certain parts of the system. If you can follow this simple checklist of heating service maintenance, you can avoid some costly bills and save yourself some extra cash.


The first step is filters. Give your heating system a clean bill of health this season with a flush or a replacement filter. It keeps all the accumulated dust and particles out of the heating system and blows clean air into the home. If you change the filter, the machine doesn’t have to work as hard to blow the hot air, and it can save you money. Set a reminder to change it at least once a year. Either there can be a need to replace the whole heating system.

Pilot Light

Check your pilot light on your central heating system. The pilot should be a clear blue flame, which signals a clean system. If the pilot is orange or yellow, it’s a good sign that something is wrong and it’s best to consult with a heating repair contractor. If the color is good, give the pilot light a cleaning with a wire brush, clearing off the impurities that can build up during the off-season.


Your vents should be free and clear to blow hot air in the home. Sometimes, the vents can get blocked by furniture, drapes, or even clothing, reducing the impact of the central heating service on the home. Do a simple walk-through of the home, checking each room for the vents to be clear and unobstructed. Clean out any dust from the vents because you don’t need that blowing around your home when you turn on the central heating system.


The first time you turn on your heating system shouldn’t be when the temperature drops. Do a test run before you actually need the heater to make certain that everything is working as it should. Check the vents, see that the heat is blowing through, and listen for the sounds it makes.

If you need more in-depth maintenance or a heating system installation before things cool down, contact Elite Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We have the expert heating service technicians to get you sorted, so contact us for a free diagnostic on your central heating system.

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