Future of Air Conditioning Technologies

New AC Innovations: The Cool Future of Air Conditioning Technologies

We’ve seen more advances with today’s technology than any generation before. While a lot of this can be seen in cars and gadgets, the home is another place where technology saves money and improves function. AC functions are evolving to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective. In fact, some exciting innovations are currently breaking out in the AC world.

Why New Technology Is Important

Cheaper, more environmentally friendly AC options will become more critical over the coming years. Energy efficiency is becoming more regulated and required in all areas of our homes. However, the efficient options must be attainable for the average consumer to make the most difference environmentally.

New and developing technology in the HVAC world focuses on using the least amount of energy possible while keeping the temperature ideal. Some options even use existing systems to make the transition more accessible and more affordable for homeowners. Accessibility to new technology will help homeowners keep their energy use low.

Smart Home Automation

One of the most common innovations in air conditioning is the art of smart home automation. Thermostats, apps, and virtual assistants are available for almost any unit. These smart devices help you control your AC unit virtually. If you leave your home’s temperature at 68 degrees while on vacation, you can pull out your smartphone and raise the temperature right there.

Smart thermostats help improve the efficiency of your unit simply by adjusting the temperature based on your schedule. Some can even use infrared technology to recognize when people are home. The unit can then adjust the temperature based on occupancy. This helps lower the use of your unit when no one’s home.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

This technology isn’t necessarily new, but the combination is unique. A dual-fuel heat system changes how it provides heat to your home based on the outside temperature. In milder weather, your home’s heat will come from electricity. Once the temperature outside dips below 40 degrees, another source, typically natural gas, will produce your heat.

The colder temperatures need a more robust heat source, which natural gas will provide. However, this is only efficient in cold weather and doesn’t affect your air conditioning. If you live in a milder climate, this innovation likely isn’t worth the investment.

Barocaloric Cooling Technology

This technology resemblesregular vapor-compression air conditioning but uses solids instead of gasses. This system uses pressure to create solid-to-solid changes, which alters the molecular arrangement without changing the material from the solid state. This approach can reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning by as much as 62 percent over vapor compression. The downside of this technology is it uses a lot of pressure, making it very expensive for the average consumer.

Final Thoughts

No matter your air conditioner’s technology, you can trust Elite Heating and AC Repair to keep it in great shape. Whether your AC isn’t working or you just want to make sure it’s working to its best ability, contact us today to schedule a service appointment. Our team can’t wait to help you.


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