Preventive Maintenance and Efficiency Boosts for Your Heater

In preparation for those long cold winter months, it’s best to assume that your heater isn’t operating as efficiently as possible. There are some steps you can take to prevent excess energy usage this season and have an efficiency boost for Your Heater.

Replace Your Filter

This is the first step we would recommend that any homeowner take. It’s astounding that even after all these years as a heating repair contractor, we still get calls from homes that could have saved themselves money and energy with a regular filter change. It keeps the air running through cleanly, traps all the impurities from getting into the heater, and it keeps your breathing better.

Program Your Thermostat

These days, there are many heating services that offer smart thermostats that can be programmed to save you energy this winter. Set the thermostat to lower the temperature at the times that you’re normally not at home, and you won’t be heating your house when no one’s there. You can also lower the temperature overnight to further reduce costs and burden on the heating.

Schedule a Regular Service

Your heating replacement experts have more expertise in saving costs and give an efficiency boost for Your Heater. Call a heating repair contractor to thoroughly go over the vents, the motor, the filter, and all the elements of your heater.

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