Is Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

When your air conditioner turns on, it blows cooled air into each room of your home. Getting conditioned air from the air handling unit to the various rooms requires an interconnected network of ducts. In most homes, these run through the ceiling, with conditioned air flowing into each room via a ceiling-mounted register. Some homes have ductwork in the floors, with floor-mounted registers that blow cool air upward. In both cases, the ductwork that connects each room to the air handler unit is critically important. Maintaining it should be part of your overall home maintenance, but what does that mean?

Duct Cleaning and What It Means for You

Chances are good that you’ve at least heard of duct cleaning before. You may have even seen advertisements from HVAC companies and others offering this service. Is it really necessary? The ducts are installed well out of the way, so why would they need to be cleaned?

Here’s the thing. While your ducts might be located in the ceiling or floor and out of sight, that doesn’t mean that they’re out of harm’s way. Dirt and debris can build up and cause major issues over time. We’re not talking about dirt and dust on the exterior of the ducts. While that does happen, it doesn’t affect operation. What we’re talking about is harder to spot: debris, dirt, hair, pollen, and even mold and mildew that build up inside the ducts themselves.

When your air conditioner operates, it pulls in air from the surrounding area. That air moves through a filter, then it gets cooled and pushed through the ducts. The problem is that even with filtration, the air can still carry small particulates into the ductwork. Hair, dust, pollen, animal dander, and mold spores are just some of the things that can make it through a standard air filter. Even using a HEPA filter is no guarantee that you’ll keep these particulates out because most systems pull at least a small amount of air around the filter’s edges.

Over time, that debris collects in your ducts and reduces the volume of air that they can carry. It can also reduce your indoor air quality. If your system isn’t draining condensation properly, that can add to the issue, allowing mold and mildew to proliferate throughout the system.

The only solution to these problems is duct cleaning. At Elite, we have years of experience working with Las Vegas homeowners just like you. We’ve seen what collects in a home’s ducts after a surprisingly short time and the health impacts that result from poor indoor air quality. We also have the tools and equipment necessary to remove all the dirt, mold, and grime from inside your ducts, improving your comfort and your family’s health in the process.

If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, get in touch. We’d be happy to explain the duct cleaning process in greater depth, as well as provide you with a free consultation.


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