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Get Rid of a Bad Smell from an AC

As temperatures start to heat up, the anticipation of cool indoor rooms with no more than a flick of a switch is a welcome thought. However, what should you do if flipping the switch results in a terrible odor in your house? If you’re in this situation, don’t worry. There are many ways to handle unwanted air conditioner smells so you can truly enjoy the indoors.

Solutions to Various Odors

If you notice a stale or musty odor when you turn on the air conditioner, this could indicate there is dust or dirt on the coils. Cleaning them off and making sure drainage is going well may be all you need to get things on the right track.

Persistent musty odors could point toward mildew or mold. If this is the case for you, cleaning the evaporator coil, replacing the air filters, and unclogging the drain lines can help. For situations where this doesn’t work, you need an HVAC expert to help you find out the cause and tackle it for you.

On the other hand, sometimes an AC might have a scent like rotten eggs. You don’t want to live with that in your home, so you likely desire a quick solution. What causes this odor? It might be a natural gas leak, which can be pretty dangerous. The best thing to do is to turn off the gas, ventilate the area, and reach out to your gas provider to get things under control.

Burning odors are also a sign that something serious is wrong. If you sniff anything similar, make sure you act quickly. It could mean there is an electrical or mechanical malfunction inside the unit. The first thing you want to do is turn off the air conditioner. Once that’s done, you can reach out to professionals to avoid any potential fire hazards.

Are you smelling something similar to paint thinner or sweet chemicals? This often means you have a refrigerant leak. You’ll need to reach out to an HVAC professional so they can handle the leak and make sure your system is recharged using the appropriate refrigerant. If your air conditioner is getting older, this might be a good time to consider a more environmentally friendly version.

For those with new ACs, you might notice a plastic odor at first. Using the air conditioner often gets rid of this issue. If that doesn’t happen, it’s best to reach out to the seller or manufacturer. If you have a warranty, you likely have replacement or repair options available.

Reach Out to a Professional for Strange Air Conditioner Odors

Don’t let a strange odor compromise being cool in your home. Knowing the causes of these odors and choosing the right solutions will get things back to normal in no time. When you need help to create an odor-free environment that is fresh and cool, reach out to us at Elite Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. You can reach us at 702-263-2665.


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