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Exploring Air Conditioning: What You Should Know

Isn’t it wonderful that we to live in a world where we can adjust the temperatures in the buildings we work and live in? First, the invention of the thermostat and the heating and cooling system that comes with it enables us to keep warm even during cold, winter months. Instead of constantly making a fire in the fireplace we can heat up the whole house.

And, during summertime, we no longer have to suffer through the heat. Instead, we can call on the experts to help us understand how to install our very own air conditioning!

Just What Is Air Conditioning?

AC, or air conditioning, is a device that can adjust the temperature in the home whether you’re in or out. Many ACs today have settings that can be automatically set to provide a sense of “one click and done” so you don’t even have to put a second thought to it.

Willie Carter, a 25-year-old experimental engineer, is the person that first created air conditioning. At the time of the invention, he used an industrial fan that blew over coils filled with cold water. Then, after condensing the coils, they would produce cold air.

Can you imagine the uproar at this invention? The many investors that would fund him and his project to be able to get their hands on a system that could keep them working all year round? Of course, today’s air conditioning technology is light years beyond Carter’s invention.

How Does It Work?

Now, you might be wondering how modern air conditioning works. The current system still uses the coils that Willie Carter used for the original design. Of course, they’ve upgraded for maximum efficiency.

When they think of air conditioning, many people believe that it produces “cool air.” Well, that’s not technically true. Instead, what happens is a series of steps that help provide the sensation of cold air by utilizing heat and moisture through the coils within the system itself.

The best way to describe this system is by thinking about the heat in your home. How is it moved? Well, the heat is absorbed and transferred through an agent called refrigerant. This agent is contained within the coils of the AC so it travels through a closed system.

The coils guide the refrigerant outside and then back again, transferring the heat from warm to cold to produce that sensation of cold air. The entire process looks like this:

  • Heat is absorbed by the refrigerant within the evaporator coils
  • The compressor raises the refrigerant temperature
  • Heat is transferred outside
  • The refrigerant gets cold and the process repeats

These steps are how air conditioners help “cool” your home. Air filters also help keep the air clean and free of pollutants and particles, which means this would be especially good for places such as schools, daycare centers, and elderly nursing homes.


Anyone can have an AC in their home. While they are expensive to install depending on the manufacturer and the size of the unit, it’s well-worth the purchase, especially for those hot and muggy summer months that can become just unbearable.

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