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Is It Time for Air Conditioner Repair? Or Do You Need to Replace the Unit?

As the weather heats up across the country, now is the time to test the air conditioner and make sure it’s working well. Finding out when it’s even hotter could put you in an emergency situation. Since it might not always be clear when you need a repair (or replacement), this blog will guide you as you turn on the unit and move forward into summer.

Not Enough Airflow

A repair might be needed if you crank up the air conditioner but it isn’t putting out much air. There would be a blockage in the unit or a component may be damaged. A broken motor, clogged filter, or something even more severe could cause this problem.

A professional air conditioning technician can look at your unit and determine what’s wrong. Then you can have repairs done or have a new air conditioner installed if required. It’s better to find out now instead of when the sun is really beating down!

Water Leaks

If your Las Vegas air conditioner is leaking, this could indicate an issue. This is because the unit uses refrigerant to cool your house, which can lead to condensation during the process. However, neither of these liquids should end up leaking in your home.

A leak or pooled water coming from the AC likely means something isn’t working correctly. You want to speak with an air conditioning service technician as soon as possible. The water can cause damage and even create structural problems if left to worsen.

Constant Cycling

Regardless of the temperature outside, your air conditioner should move through several cycles when it’s on. The cooling system will come on more frequently when it gets scorching outside. If it cycles on and off at a rapid pace, this is another indication that you might need repairs.

If the cycles are happening frequently, get in touch with cooling experts who can pinpoint the issue. A simple tune-up may be enough to get things back in working order. Or, in the worst case, you may need to install a new air conditioner for proper cooling.

Foul Odors

If you notice foul odors and they seem to be coming from the air conditioner, this can also be a sign that you need service. Leaving things as they are could cause the smell to get even worse. A technician can look at the unit and see what needs to be done. This might be simple or could involve a total clean-up of the unit.

Ultraviolet lights can help stop microbial growth in air conditioners with bad smells. In some cases, it might not be related to the unit at all. Ducts can accumulate all sorts of debris and may need to be cleaned to make your home smell fresher.

Las Vegas Air Conditioner Repair and Installation

Is your air conditioner doing something strange now that it’s back on for the year? Get in touch with a professional air conditioning company to help you get things back on track. They can provide the repairs you need or help you install a new unit if that’s what needs to be done.

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