Cold Hard Facts about Air Conditioning and Your Health

Did you know that the last six summers have been the hottest in the past 12 decades? This is just another confirmation that your comfort depends on your air conditioning system. What impact does the air conditioner have on your health? Let’s look at the facts about air conditioning!

5 Facts about the Impact of Air Conditioning

1. Air conditioners contribute to global warming

Air conditioners contribute to global warming, releasing 100,000,000 tones of CO2 each year, and harmful HFC (hydrofluorocarbons). It may be a price you’re willing to pay, but consider getting an environment-friendly unit to reduce its negative impact.

2. The more you keep the air conditioner running, the more unbearable the outside heat will seem.

This is why specialists recommend that you keep the air conditioner running continuously at a temperature close to the one outside. This way, it won’t consume too much energy, and the thermal shock won’t be too extreme when you go out.

3. Overuse of the AC can lead to cold and allergy symptoms.

This happens especially when the air conditioner does not receive adequate maintenance, and its filters become a breeding environment for mold, fungi, and bacteria. It is, therefore, imperative to schedule regular air filters cleaning or replacement.

4. People who live and work in AC-cooled environments wake up later in the morning.

According to a Japanese study, Cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for waking us up every morning, takes two hours more to reach the necessary levels in people who live, work, and sleep in AC-cooled environments.

5. People who live and work in AC buildings have worse general health

They get sick more frequently and need longer recovery periods. AC is good but should be used with moderation, and only when the outside temperatures call for it.

Improve Your Health with Regular AC Service

By working with a professional AC contractor from the beginning, you can choose an energy-efficient air conditioner with a lower negative impact on the environment. The same contractor can help you with air filter cleaning or replacement, and advice on how to use the air conditioner safely and efficiently.

At Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we want our clients to enjoy thermal comfort without sacrificing their health. We provide assistance for choosing energy-efficient systems, AC maintenance services, and advice on how to use the units responsibly in order to avoid negative effects as the ones discussed above. Contact us now, and let us help you protect your health!

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