Is It Time to Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Did your air conditioner break down? Take a deep breath and call your air conditioning contractor. They will inspect your unit and tell you what the repairs would involve and how much they would cost. Based on their findings, you can decide whether a repair is enough or you should consider an air conditioner replacement.

However, sometimes, you feel like something is wrong with your AC before it actually breaks down. It simply does not work the same, and you begin to wonder if it’s time to replace it. How can you tell? The final decision will always be yours, but there are a few signs that predict the end of an AC’s life.

3 Signs That It Is Time to Consider an Air Conditioner Replacement

1. Your Air Conditioner Is Over a Decade Old

If your air conditioner is over a decade old, you use it frequently, you feel that something is wrong with your ac and it has received its share of repairs over time, perhaps it is time to consider getting a new one. New models take up less space, make less noise, and consume less electricity. After all, they are the result of an extra decade of technological research and development.

2. Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills, even though not much has changed in your home to explain the additional power used? With time, your air conditioner loses refrigerant and no longer cools your home as it used to. As a result, it has to work harder to achieve the same results, and it consumes more energy. Considering that newer air conditioners are more energy-efficient than the models built a decade ago, a new AC could pay for itself in saved energy.

3. Your AC needs costly repairs

When your AC begins to lose refrigerant, repairing the leaks and refilling the refrigerant can get very expensive, even exceeding $1,000. Refrigerant leaks affect the compressor as well, and its replacement can reach $2,000. Sometimes, it is simply more efficient to replace it than to keep spending money only to postpone the inevitable.

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