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AC Repair and Upkeep: DIY vs. Professional Service

Everyone wants to spend less money on home repairs and maintenance. That usually involves attempting to do some of the work themselves. There are some aspects of maintenance and repair that you can handle with your air conditioning unit, and there are others that are best left to the pros. If your air conditioner is in need of a little TLC, read on to find out the best way to proceed based on what you’re dealing with.

Routine System Checks

  • DIY and Professional

At least twice per year, air conditioning systems need to be serviced and inspected. You can perform your own visual inspection and take a good look to make sure that you don’t see anything obviously wrong or damaged. This will also allow you to get familiar with your system and know what you should be looking for in the first place.

A second, and equally valuable option, is to hire an air conditioning expert to provide your annual maintenance services. They can do a full inspection and system check, advise on potential repairs or preventive actions to prevent future damage, and even help you find ways to save energy and reduce the air loss in your home.

Cleaning or Changing Filters

  • DIY

Unless you’ve got some kind of air conditioning unit that has an internal or installed air filter that requires professional attention (and that’s very rare), you’ll generally be able to handle changing and/or cleaning any filters in the system yourself. The most common is the filter that is placed on the outside of the air handler and removes dust and debris as the air enters the system.

Some air conditioners or HVAC systems may have other filters to consider, but that depends on your unit. Ask the experts when they’re doing their maintenance or find out by checking your owner’s manual.

Electrical Repairs


Electrical work is never something that should be a DIY project, unless you happen to be an electrician. A certified AC repair specialist will know how to safely handle and resolve all kinds of electrical issues and keep your system working properly. They will also know when they can handle the repairs or if you might need to call in an electrician to do some rewiring so that the system has the support it needs.

In any case, if your AC unit is demanding electrical repairs or is having issues related to the breakers or other electrical operations, call the professionals right away and turn the system off until it’s been resolved.

Not Sure? It Never Hurts to Ask

AC repair and service is a complex field and often requires experienced professionals to handle whatever is going on. Although there are some DIY issues you can handle yourself, there are also many times when it’s in your best interests to rely on professionals. Get routine maintenance, inspect your system regularly, and don’t hesitate to call for help when it comes to AC repair and service.


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