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4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Premature Service

Many people assume that an air conditioner needs premature service and should be checked by a professional AC service only in cases of unit operational failure. In reality, your air conditioning unit should receive regular maintenance and inspections rather than facing expensive AC repairs. Proper yearly maintenance will allow your AC unit to function effectively, and last longer. 

The following are reasons for which your air conditioning system could require premature service – all issues that could be identified and resolved during annual AC maintenance service.

Not Cooling Properly

Have you felt that rooms are not being cooled as usual? It can likely be an issue with air filters or low levels of refrigerant. Dirty air filters can easily be replaced, however refrigerant will require service from a certified cooling specialist such as Elite Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Refrigerant is a controlled chemical used to actively cool air flowing through your AC unit as it passes through the coils. Low refrigerant is often the cause for poor cooling performance, but should only be handled by experienced professionals with the appropriate licensing.

Strange Smells

If there is a smell emanating from the air conditioner on operation, it is a sign that you need to service it immediately. Odors can be cause by mold, which in turn will also affect the air quality of your home. Mold should be removed immediately as it is an air-born pathogen that can spread easily.

If you sense a burning smell, then it most likely indicates that some component in the AC is burnt or burning. If the issue is not resolved in time, you will have to replace the entire component or even the entire system.

Restarts Frequently

If your air conditioner is switching on and off frequently there is surely an issue that should be inspected. Frequent restarting can be caused by many factors such as oversized AC unit, thermostat malfunction, tripped breakers, low coolant levels, frozen evaporator coils and so on. The constant switch on/off process will consume more energy, result in higher bills, and negatively affect the life span of your AC unit.

Maintaining Warranty

Some air conditioners carry a mandatory clause that requires the unit to be checked by a qualified technician at regular intervals in order to maintain its warranty. Check the warranty card and be sure to follow instructions to avoid a rejected warranty claim on the basis that you did not take proper care of the system as instructed.

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