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AC Maintenance Helps Control Allergies

When high allergy seasons set in, a well-maintained air conditioner can provide you with a reliable solution for preventing allergens from polluting your home. Scheduling professional AC maintenance will help you to better avoid draining allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, itchiness, and congestion while in the comfort of your own home. AC maintenance, particularly in the spring, will address several issues that can increase seasonal allergy symptoms.

4 Aspects of AC Maintenance That Help Control Allergies

  1. Cleaning The Filters

Air filters trap the minute particles circulating in the air, thereby ensuring a healthy environment in the rooms. But not all filters can capture allergens. You should make sure to buy air filters specifically designed to for reducing allergens. Routinely cleaned or exchanged air filters will drastically improve the air quality of your home consequently improving the by-product symptoms of seasonal allergies.

  1. Cleaning Surrounding Area of AC Unit

The outdoor air unit is responsible for pulling in the air and circulating it through your home. If the surrounding area around the outdoor unit is unkempt, allergens present will make their way into the rooms of your home. To avoid this problem, neatly maintain the location of your outdoor unit making sure to clear out waste, tall grasses, leaves, and dust.

  1. Removing Moisture

Excessive moisture inside your air conditioning unit will ultimately promote the growth of mold, which is a large aggravator of allergy symptoms. Annual AC maintenance and inspections will ensure that water does not build up inside your AC unit. Water can even accumulate in your unit if the drainage hole near the base is blocked. An experienced AC technician will be able to thoroughly identify blockages and remove it making sure that water generated inside the air conditioner is properly vented outside.

  1. Clean the Ducts

Deposits of dust, dirt, and soot can accumulate in air ducts causing these allergens to be carried along with air as it flows through the ducts into the rooms.  Air ducts can also shelter insects and mice, which can leave biological waste in the ducts. Air ducts can also experience mold growth that is then passed through as you run your air conditioner. There is also an option to have a ductless air conditioner.

Las Vegas AC Maintenance 

Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning performs thorough air conditioner maintenance that can identify and then efficiently resolve potential allergens affecting your home from your AC unit. Our superior service will not only improve the air quality of your home but also guarantee that your AC unit works more efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your Las Vegas AC maintenance.

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