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What to Expect After Scheduling a New Air Conditioner Installation

Unfortunately, no air conditioning unit is going to last forever. There will come a time when replacing it makes more sense than spending tons of money on countless repairs. If you are planning to switch out your AC system or upgrade to one with more power, you probably wonder what to expect during the installation process.

Today, we’ll be sharing exactly what happens after you call to have an air conditioner installed. We’ll share all the steps so you know what to expect and can prepare yourself for the upcoming process.

What Happens Before Installation?

In most cases, you will call or email an HVAC company requesting information about AC installation. Or you might speak with a company that you know has done work for a friend or family member in the past. Once the initial call is made, someone will come out to inspect your system and recommend a solution.

You will be given a set of options so you can choose what works best for you. In some cases, a repair might be all that is needed. In others, a replacement will be the superior option. The technician who visits your home will give you a quote for the options available to you. They can also give you their thoughts on what might be the best way to move forward.

After you’ve made a decision, an appointment will be set up to take measurements for the system you want. In many cases, this will be done at the same appointment as the actual installation. The installation date is chosen based on the availability of equipment. Ordering early is always a good idea when possible.

What Happens During Installation?

AC installation can take quite a bit of time, which surprises some people. It might take most of a day or even several days depending on the situation. All of the existing equipment first has to be removed. Then the new unit is installed and fitted into the space where you want it.

Other parts of your home may need to be accessed depending on the layout of the property. For instance, if you have thermostats in several areas, the technician will need to access those. There may be a need to move furniture and you can prepare by doing this before the professionals show up.

Upon arrival, the workers will review the job, check that the equipment is right, and prep the site for installation. At that point, the AC installation will take place and you can make use of a brand-new system for cooling your Las Vegas home.

Final Thoughts

When you need a new air conditioner installed, you want to be sure it’s done right. That’s exactly what you can expect when you work with Elite Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. We offer AC installation for all makes and models of units. We pride ourselves on being friendly, fast, and affordable so you have a great experience.

If you have questions for us or are ready to book an appointment, reach out to us today. We also offer emergency AC repair, maintenance, and similar services.


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