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Tips to Unclog a Drain of HVAC in Your Las Vegas House

The least you’d want to happen in your Las Vegas home is to discover that sewer is backing up into it.  This disgusting situation happens, more often than not, when your HVAC drain malfunctions. You can prevent it from happening by keeping it cleaned out. However, if you can’t unclog a drain by yourself, you can seek the help of HVAC companies in Las Vegas.  They will take care of the problem before things get worse. 

But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer that wants to fix it yourself, you may use the following methods recommended by the pros.

Drain Snake

Push the snake’s end into the HVAC drain’s opening before turning the drum’s handle, which has the snake that will go on its way down the clogged drain. Keep pushing it until you notice resistance blocking its way.  Rotate it against the clog until you could feed it into the clogged drain.

This action attaches the snake’s tip to the clog. You can chop it up or spin it away. The head of the auger is going to entangle the blockage if it is solid.  But then, you can pull it out the drain if you don’t feel it breaking through. Run water to ensure you removed the clog. Sometimes, the snake will be able to fish out the clog. Anything can happen during the repair, if you feel you need help, immediately contact a plumbing professional. Professionals can also prevent you from using outdated plumbing solutions, which can only worsen the process. 

The Vinegar Solution

Locate the drain line’s access point. Pour hot water down the drain. Take the plug out before pouring vinegar down the HVAC drain. Flush again with boiling water. The process might take hours for tough clogs.

Wire Hangers

Get a wire hanger apart before pushing it down the HVAC drain in order to break up the clog.  Keep pushing the hanger until the blockage breaks up or jiggle it to fish out any clog. Pull the hanger out and remove the gunk using a paper towel.

Flush with Boiling Water

This method isn’t guaranteed to unclog grease or physical blockages, but it might be able to unclog a drain clogged with a small blockage.  

Flush the drain with boiling water that can clear out the blockage with little effort.  Wait until it is finally drained before flushing hot water. This method is ideal for metal pipes.  

Never use boiling water of at least 175 degrees on PVC pipes or it can melt or soften their joints. Just use hot water for them instead.

Be sure to use potholders or oven mitts to prevent burning your hands when using boiling water.  You must also keep your face back to prevent steam burns when pouring it down the drain.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also unclog the drain using hydrogen peroxide. Just mix a cup of it with baking soda before pouring the mixture down the HVAC drain. Wait until it forms a foam. Using hydrogen peroxide, you can break the clog up and clear the drain. Protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves.

Need Help to Unclog the HVAC Drain?

If all of these methods fail, you might want to get the help of a professional. Contact professional HVAC companies in Las Vegas that can fix your HVAC problems today!

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