According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling systems account for about 50% of a home’s total energy use. Running an air conditioning system, without even saying, can increase your electricity bills. That is why it is essential to get a high-quality air conditioning service, in order to save money on air conditioning in Las Vegas and ensure that your AC is working efficiently. But aside from it, you should also learn simple ways that will save you money on air conditioning in Las Vegas. To get started, see the following tips.

Turn Off the AC When You’re Not Home

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When no one is home, you should see to it that your AC is turned off.  Also, make sure that the drapes and windows are closed. Even if it would be hot when you come home, the closed windows, drapes, and blinds are going to keep the sun out and maintain the cool temperature left for as long as possible. And when you turned your air conditioning system on, it won’t work too hard to cool your home again.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Functional

Get an air conditioning service that can perform maintenance that your system needs.  You should also consider getting an annual checkup regardless if you have split type, window type or central air conditioner because it can cover the cooling and heating season. The pro will also be able to diagnose any AC inefficiency that has wasted your money on electricity bills. They can also check your ducts and make sure they’re insulated to keep the air cool.

Other tips:  You should replace your air conditioner filter monthly especially during the cooling season and then have your system serviced at every cooling season’s beginning.  

Turn Lights Off to Help Reduce Heat

If you want to cut down on the energy consumption of your AC and to reduce your bills, always turn the lights off when no one’s around, at daytime or when not in use.   Remember that lights are heat producers, making your system work harder and your energy bill higher.

[You must also pay attention to the amount of light entering your home from the windows. Be sure to open and close them with the changing of the sun to control how much heat against which your air conditioning system is competing.

Lower the AC at Night

Keep the air conditioning lower at night when you do not need the same cooling level.   

You can make your AC running less by turning it down while you’re sleeping.  Alternatively, you can also turn on the sleep mode of your unit to lower the AC’s output on a timer.

Nevertheless, do not also just set and forget your air conditioner. You might want to use the thermostat if you have it on your air conditioner so that you can reduce energy consumption by giving up a few degrees at night.

Try Not to Cook at Home

Cooking generates heat, making your air conditioner work harder in order to cool your home and get the set temperature back.  Avoid generating as much heat as you could, so you should consider cooking outdoor or making use of a microwave oven or crock-pot.

Follow these tips and reduce your cooling and heating system bills. So remember, lower your AC at night, turn the lights off, try not to cook at home, turn the AC off when you’re not home and keep your unit functional with an air conditioning service.

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