Protect Your AC with Proper Troubleshooting

Knowing about your air conditioner is the first step in taking care of it.

However, even with regular AC service, some problems with your unit may be unavoidable. Even the most robust air conditioners have problems occasionally, and this is where troubleshooting is valuable.

In order to diagnose what type of AC repair needs to be performed, you must be able to test each of the core components in the air conditioner’s framework. Knowing about these components and their functions is the first step to troubleshooting and getting AC issues resolved.

What Are the AC Unit’s Core Components?

Every AC unit relies on a number of core components within its framework. We all know that the quality of parts used in an AC unit can vary greatly depending on the model, but the category of parts is usually the same. They include:

  • Evaporator: Evaporators work exactly as their name suggests. By converting liquid refrigerant to a gas by dropping pressure, this part works in conjunction with the fan.
  • Condenser: These coils, which usually look like a radiator in a car engine, do the opposite of the evaporator – they change evaporated refrigerant back to liquid through heat transfer.
  • Compressor: The compressor works with both the evaporator and the condenser by re-pressurizing the gas before it is sent to the condenser.

There are many other important components within an AC unit such as valves, electronics, and more. A solid understanding of these parts can prove very valuable when you’re trying to diagnose a problem.

Getting AC Service from the Professionals

Troubleshooting an AC unit helps you find out what is wrong so you can get the quick and efficient AC repair you need. We know no one wants to be without their air conditioner on a hot and humid summer day, so remember that help with troubleshooting is always available.

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