Preparing your air conditioning

Importance of Preparing Your Air Conditioning for Hot Las Vegas Summer

If you live in Las Vegas, you won’t need me to tell you that it can get extremely hot. Even if you manage not to use your air conditioning a lot throughout the rest of the year, when the hot Vegas summer rolls around, the chances are it is going to be on almost every day.

Preparing your air conditioning is a way to make sure that it is functioning correctly and at its most efficient before the hottest days arrive. There’s not much more frustrating than a roasting hot day when your air conditioner is broken, and you can avoid this by running some tests and exercises to get it ready.

Clean or Replace Filters

Most air conditioners have some sort of filter system built-in. They need some maintenance otherwise they can get clogged up and full of dust. Luckily, this is quite an easy step. Locate the filter in the cabinet (it’s normally close to the air inlet). You can then either clean or replace the filter. This should be done if they ever start to clog up. If you fail to do this before the summer it can make your air conditioner not function as well, or even push dust back into our home. You can probably clean the air conditioner filters yourself if you are relatively good with work around the house.

Clean the fins

The fins are visible on the outside unit. Las Vegas ac repair experts will recommend that your air conditioner will work more efficiently when the fins are clean, and this should be done before summer. You can clean with any sort of soft brush and a toothbrush will even do. Just be careful not to be too vigorous and damage the metal as it is not very thick. Clean the condensation lines

Another step in preparing your air conditioning is to clean the condensation line. This is the pipe which is designed to get the condensation out of your unit, but if it gets blocked then the condensation can build up either in the house or in the AC unit. This can lead to you havingto get it repaired.

Clean debris from condensation lines

Likewise, if you find any debris near or in the condensation lines you should make sure this is removed. This can stop any blockages before they become an issue. Debris could theoretically also perforate the line and make it leak.

Install a programmable thermostat

As well as preparing your air conditioning by taking practical steps and checking the hardware, you can also improve its performance over the Las Vegas summer by installing a programmable thermostat. Older air conditioning units may not have these installed, but they make a big difference. They’re relatively simple to install and help by stopping the air conditioner when it isn’t needed, like when it has reached the desired temperature or when you’re out at work.

The energy you can save is good for the environment and good for your bank balance. Some programmable thermostats even have monitoring systems so that they can tell you when your air conditioner needs maintenance such as the filters replacing.

Test the Air conditioning unit

Once you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above and are confident that it all looks in shape, it is time to test your unit. If anything seems untoward or you suspect that something is broken, it could be worth calling AC repair las vegas to make sure you don’t make the issue worse by turning on the unit. Likewise, if you do turn it on and something is not quite right, or it isn’t functioning as it should, it could be time to get the professionals in to help.


Preparing your air conditioning for the summer is not just about making sure it is working and isn’t going to break, it can be about making sure it is as efficient as possible and costs you less money. An inefficient and clogged option might be burning money without you noticing. If there are any doubts on whether it is up to scratch, it is worth having your air conditioner looked at by the pros.

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