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Having air conditioning is linked with good mental health

Can an air conditioner have a significant impact on your mental health? In this article, we’re looking at the links between air conditioners and mental health. It may sound like an outlandish claim, but when you think about it, it is clear to see the two could be linked. Heat can be uncomfortable and excess heat can have an impact on your physical health as well as many other areas of your life, which can cause you to feel low. Air conditioner is also very important for your baby-room and the life of your children,  It follows, then, that better control of your home’s temperature can mean better mental health. There are also some less obvious benefits which we explore below.  good mental health

Improves concentration

Imagine trying to get things done when it is hot. People are nowhere near as productive when it is warm and the long term effects of this can be a feeling of lethargy. When you are overheating it can be frustrating, and not being able to concentrate on work or even the activities which should be fun suddenly become tough. An air conditioner can make your body temperature much more comfortable and lead to you achieving more day-to-day, as well as being able to fully immerse yourself in fun activities and not feel tired and lethargic.

Even being able to concentrate on conversations and chores can be tough in the searing heat. Lowering this to a more comfortable heat can make sure you don’t have any negative repercussions in the upkeep of your home, work, and relationships and can concentrate on everyday life.

Better sleep quality

One of the ways we all stay balanced and have a positive outlook on the world and good mental health is by getting enough sleep. Poor sleep quality and not sleeping enough hours can make us feel grouchy in the short term, but long term it can cause depression. Lack of sleep also has a hugely negative effect on your physical health. In turn, this can have its own negative effects on your mental health. People with anxiety and depression often get less than six hours sleep a night and air conditioning can help you to get more in hot conditions when sleep can feel impossible.good mental health

Not only does the more mild temperature help you to sleep, but some air conditioners also give off white noise which has been shown to help people relax and get to sleep smoothly. Otherwise, if you realize that your air conditioner is projecting weird noises, contact Las Vegas AC repair in order to continue your comfortable sleep cycle.

Prevents from sluggish mornings

If you wake up in the morning in the roasting heat, you are not going to feel ready to spring out of bed and feel positive about the day ahead. Instead, it might be hard to gather the energy to get up at all which will affect on achieving good mental health, let alone have a constructive morning. Set your air conditioning to stay on, or come on when the sun comes up, and ensure it isn’t uncomfortably hot in the mornings.

Elevated work performance

This is not just a theory! People at a comfortable body temperature get far more done. Studies have been done on workforces and have come to numerous conclusions. 69.8 degrees to 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the best range of temperatures for getting a lot done. One study even found that performance was 50% higher when workers were at a temperature which was not too hot or too cold. Being productive is a part of having a healthy mindset and getting things done can help you to feel more optimistic and feel like you have more control in life.

Less outdoor noise pollution

Just like the air conditioning providing a gentle hum for falling asleep, it can also reduce the noise pollution outdoors and drown this out. If you are constantly exposed to the sounds of outside you can feel crowded, and this can have a negative impact on your good mental health.


As you can see, an air conditioner isn’t going to lift your mood directly. They don’t have magical antidepressant powers! However, they can be a way to keep your life in order and stop the excessive heat from stopping you getting things done. It can be easy to feel sluggish, lethargic and to fall into bad habits when the weather is overly hot. An air conditioner helps you to avoid this.

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