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How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Summertime is great; we all love barbecues, vacations, celebrations, and time spent with family and friends. However, summertime brings its challenges, too.

One of those challenges is the rise in cost someone might experience while cooling their home. As the weather gets hotter, your AC system must run more often and work harder to cool your home, which results in more money spent on your utility bill.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Although using your air conditioning is necessary in extremely hot temperatures, you can use the helpful tips and tricks below to keep your costs low.

Tips and Tricks to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

We all love to save money, and an AC bill can be a big expense. If you’re looking to lower your monthly utility bill, try some of these tips below.

Use a Ceiling Fan or Standing Fan

Using fans can help circulate air more efficiently and can make your home feel cooler.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you haven’t done so already, installing a programmable thermostat with remote capability is an awesome idea. Yes, this will cost you upfront, but since these thermostats give you the ability to adjust your temperature settings from outside the home, you always have full control over your usage. You can program your thermostat to turn on and off at certain times, saving you a bunch of money and headaches!

Get Your Filters Changed

Changing your filters can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Dirty or old filters cause your AC to work harder than it needs to when cooling your home, resulting in higher energy use.

Avoid “Blasting” the AC

We’ve all been there: you’re at work all day and suddenly, temperatures rise! You get home and your house is super hot; all you want to do is cool off, so you turn the AC on to its lowest setting hoping it will cool down soon.

Yet, this isn’t actually good for your pockets or your AC system; blasting the AC to its coldest setting doesn’t make your house cool any faster and causes your AC to work harder to reach that temperature, shortening its lifespan.

Close Your Blinds or Use Dark Shades

Closing the blinds can reduce the sunlight that enters your home and keep it cooler. If possible, try using some energy-efficient blackout shades whenever possible. These cut out all light and can really help keep your home cool!

Shut Off Your AC while Sleeping

A lot of people don’t like to be hot while they sleep, and most people turn up their AC before bedtime. Whenever possible, you really should turn off your AC before bedtime. If it’s cool out, you can crack a few windows and turn on a fan. You can also get a lighter blanket set or more breathable sheets to feel more comfortable.

Plant Some Trees

Planting trees near and around your home is not only great for the Earth,but it can also be great for your pockets! Trees provide natural shade and cover that can keep your home protected from the sun.

Be Sure to Schedule Your Yearly Maintenance

With central cooling, it’s extremely important to get it serviced yearly. Annual service will help your AC unit run more efficiently, and the technician may be able to find minor problems before they turn into big ones. Elite can help with all your annual servicing needs!

Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

Older air conditioning units use much more energy and cost more to run than newer systems. In fact, a new air conditioning system can pay for itself in just five years with how much you can save on energy bills.

If you think it’s time to upgrade or replace your current air conditioning unit, Elite carries plenty of brands and has skilled technicians who can help you choose, install, and maintain your new AC system!

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