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Exploring the Most Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

If you’re responsible for managing a commercial property, you know how critical it is to keep your air conditioning system in good working order. That’s particularly true during the height of summer when the mercury can climb high enough to create dangerous heat levels indoors. Understanding some of the most common commercial air conditioning problems can help ensure that you’re able to keep your system working optimally all year long.

Strange Sounds

Odd sounds coming from your ductwork can be alarming. Of course, there are some cases where there is no reason to worry. Ductwork expands and contracts with heat and cold, so it’s normal to hear some popping sounds now and then.

However, if you notice that you’re hearing unfamiliar noises or sounds that seem to have increased in volume, that should be your sign to investigate deeper. It could be a loose panel, a nut that’s worked loose, or a broken part that needs to be replaced. Working with an experienced commercial HVAC technician can ensure that you’re able to identify and repair the problem quickly.

Ponding Water around the Unit

Air conditioners create condensation – it’s inescapable. In most cases, that condensation drains out and away from the unit through a drain line. However, mold and algae can easily colonize the drain line if it’s not cleaned regularly. When that happens, the condensation has nowhere to go and will begin backing up into the unit.


This is detrimental to units installed on the ground, but even more so to roof-mounted HVAC units. Ponding water can damage roofing materials, leading to leaks within the structure and costly repairs. Thankfully, keeping your drain lines clear is as simple as having your commercial HVAC system professionally maintained during the year.

Reduced Cooling

Is the interior of your business not staying as cool as it should? While some of that might be related to the record high temperatures across the US as climate change accelerates, it could also be a sign of a commercial air conditioning problem. Even something as simple as dirty air filters can compromise the performance and reduce cooling, but so can other issues, like refrigerant leaks, debris within the ductwork, and others. If your system is not cooling properly, your first call should be to a trusted commercial HVAC repair provider.

Ultimately, keeping your commercial air conditioning system in good condition and professionally maintained is the best way to avoid these problems. At Elite Heating and Cooling, we deliver critical solutions to your most pressing issues. Contact us today to discuss repairs to your system or how an annual maintenance plan can save you money over time.

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