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Common Problems with a Furnace and How to Fix Them

The furnace in your home has an important job. It has to collect cold air, warm it up, and then circulate it throughout the home, consistently to achieve the right temperature based on what your thermostat is set at. It seems like a well-oiled machine and many of us might take our furnaces for granted, but they aren’t designed to last forever.

Many things can go wrong with your furnace. Like anything, some issues are more common than others. If you are dealing with a furnace that isn’t living up to its potential, consider the following concerns.

Old Filters or Dirty Ducts

The more dirt buildup there is in your system, the harder the furnace has to work to get the hot air through and distributed to the home. That means if you have an old, dirty filter, you should change it. In fact, you should be changing furnace filters every 30 days when you’re using the unit. Consider having your ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaning service to increase the efficiency of your system and improve air quality, too.

Faulty Starter

Every furnace has a starting mechanism that “kicks on” when the thermostat hits a certain temperature. This is the clicking noise that you hear before the “woosh” that signals the furnace starting up. Over time, the starter can fail due to excessive use or mechanical issues. If that happens, the furnace won’t even be able to fire up and you’ll want to get that fixed as quickly as possible.

Broken Blower or Motor

The blower and blower motor are also common parts that fail on a furnace. These parts work all the time when the furnace is on, so they are subject to breakdown and wear and tear more quickly than other parts. The blower is what kicks on to blow the air throughout the ducts into the home and its motor is what allows it to run. If either of them fails, the warm air isn’t going anywhere.

Other Issues

Of course, the list of furnace issues is fairly long. Some other common furnace problems that experts report include:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Pilot light problems
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Bad limit switch
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Heat exchanger issues

Some people look for furnace problems by symptom. Perhaps your furnace isn’t producing heat, even though it’s running. Maybe it kicks on and off but doesn’t blow anything. Or maybe it’s turning on and off all the time, only operating for a few minutes each time.

If your furnace is making noise, malfunctioning, or otherwise not operating as it should, you will want to call a professional right away. HVAC experts will be able to diagnose the problem, help you find the best solution, and ensure that your furnace is ready for the winter ahead. They can also take care of common problems that are beyond the average DIY repair, giving you peace of mind that things are done right.

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