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Check Your Furnace Twice for the Holidays

Temperatures are cooling down and the need for your furnace is amping up. Santa shouldn’t be the only one checking a list twice—you need to check your home’s systems and make sure that they’re ready to do their job this winter.

Your furnace probably ends up at the back of your mind for the majority of the year. You simply turn up your thermostat and forget about it. But if your furnace is on the outs, you’ll be thinking about it every day until it’s fixed.

The good news is that getting a furnace repaired is much easier and less expensive if it’s kept adequately maintained and if little problems get taken care of before they turn into big problems.

Learning the signs that your furnace might be due for a check-up can help you stay warm this winter without extra hassle.


  • Off and on – Does your furnace turn on and off again over and over? There’s possibly something amiss inside that’s keeping it from finishing a heat cycle. For example, it could need a new fan motor or the heat sensor could need cleaning.


  • Yellow flame –A yellow flame could mean that your burner is dirty because the gas can’t burn off completely, causing a yellowish hue. When this happens, not only does your furnace not heat your home properly, but it could cause carbon monoxide build-up.


  • Excess moisture – Are you noticing condensation on some of the ceilings, walls, surfaces, or windows in your house? One reason could be that there isn’t adequate airflow going through the house. Wet, stagnant air is often caused by a problem with the furnace.


  • Above-average heating bills – Of course, one thing you would notice right away is if your utility bills are higher than usual. A furnace that’s working overtime because it’s broken or dirty is going to use more power than one that’s in tip-top shape.


  • Dirty filter – Furnaces all have filters that need to be replaced intermittently. If a filter is dirty, it’s going to mean a furnace that has to work harder, which means not only a colder home but higher bills. Check the filter to see if it needs replacing—that could help things immediately.


  • Pest problems – No matter what we do, there seem to be ways for animals to get into our homes. Rats, mice, and squirrels are all present in the Las Vegas desert, and in the wintertime, they’re often looking for a warm place to get out of the cold. This could mean next to your furnace. If you see signs of rodents, such as a nest, droppings, or tracks—or even worse, bite marks on the wiring—then you’ll need to get your entire system checked over.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most common reasons that a furnace might not be working properly. Luckily, they’re mostly easy fixes. Give Elite Heating and AC a call so we can come to check out your furnace and get you set up for these cold desert months.

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