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Watch For These Signs of Faulty Plumbing

It can become all too easy to ignore the plumbing in your home. After all, it has a job, and so long as that job is done, you hardly notice a thing. But there are certainly a few signs of trouble that your plumbing is trying to make you aware of.


The good news is that, with Elite Heating and AC Repair, you can address those plumbing issues in no time. Having a team of certified repair technicians to work on your plumbing can provide peace of mind like no other.


Slow Draining

One of the most prevalent signs that there is an issue with your plumbing is slow drainage. When there are issues with your plumbing and its drainage capabilities, it becomes evident through frequent clogging.


There areseveral reasons for a slow-moving drain. Whether it be frozen pipes, drain line damage, or a clog somewhere in the system, the pros can determine the issue and resolve it.


Bad Water Pressure

Another of the more apparent signs of an issue is a lack of water pressure. Should you notice that the stream is more of a trudge, call in the pros to address the issue sooner rather than later.


Bad water pressure can be the result of pinhole leaks, clogs, and even burst pipes. No matter what, bad water pressure is an indication of a greater issue, so don’t wait to call in the proper help.


Discolored Water

Water should be clean and clear. If it comes out looking brown, yellow, or with little bits of sediment, then your water heater or pipes could be the issue. When there is corrosion at play, it can result in unsightly water.


Where your water heater is concerned, it is important to call in a technician with corrosion present. Corrosion can lead to your water heater failing, which can have much more dire consequences.


Final Thoughts

Though it can be helpful to recognize the issues of faulty plumbing, there is nothing more valuable than having a repair technician to call on.


Elite Heating and AC Repair can help resolve those plumbing issues in no time. Even better, it only takes a call or click to get started. See the difference a professional plumber can make on your plumbing today.


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