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How to Cool a Windowless Room: Tips and Tricks

A windowless room in your home can be a real nightmare in the heat of a Las Vegas summer, and one that can leave you avoiding spending any time in some parts of your home. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of options for keeping a room that does not have windows for a wide range of situations and budgets.

If you have been wondering how to cool a windowless room in your home this summer, try these tips and tricks:

Go for Ventless Air Conditioning

As the name implies, ventless air conditioners do not need to vent hot air, unlike most other types of air conditioning. This makes them a simple solution for how to cool a room with no windows in your home if you are not able or do not want to create vent holes or ducts through your walls.

Ventless air conditioning units work by using fans to draw in hot air and pass it over cold water, ice, or another refrigerant, before blowing it back into the room. They often also have dehumidification features, making them useful for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms of the house that might get damp.

Ventless air conditioning units come in a range of sizes and area coverage, which means they are a great answer to the question of how to cool a room with no windows no matter how big the room is.

They are also portable so you can move them to where they are needed. Large models can be bulky and heavy though, especially with a full water tank. You probably won’t feel like moving a 10 or 15-gallon unit from room to room very often, though, with one of the more powerful models that can cover 800 square feet or more, you won’t need to. Smaller ventless air conditioning units are much easier to carry around and can be a better choice if you have several small rooms in your home that you want to stay cool in.

Should You Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

If you need to know how to cool a windowless room in several parts of your home at the same time, ductless air conditioning may be one of the best types of air conditioner for you.

Ductless air conditioning is a highly flexible air conditioning option that can serve multiple rooms in a home at once. The air conditioning unit itself is mounted to the exterior of your property, with tubes connecting it to indoor units in rooms inside your home.

This setup means that although the wall-mounted units are still visible, they take up much less room than other types of air conditioning units. Furthermore, they can be used to provide air conditioning to rooms that do not have an exterior wall and do not require the installation of ducts throughout your home.  

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Install a Ceiling Fan in a Room With No Windows

A ceiling fan can make a room without windows feel less close and stifling by keeping the air moving around the room. Although they can make a hot room without windows more tolerable, they do not have a major cooling effect.

Buy a Through-Wall Air Conditioner

If the room in question has a wall at the edge of the building, an air conditioning contractor can install an air conditioner set into the wall connecting to the outside. High power models of this type of air conditioner are powerful enough for a single unit to cool a large space such as an open plan area covering several rooms, or even an entire floor.

Through-wall air conditioners tend to be fairly bulky and hard to ignore, however, and you might prefer a less visible option in smaller rooms or rooms where you entertain guests.

Install a Portable Air Conditioner

The obvious advantage of a portable air conditioner is that it is small and compact enough to move from room to room. If there are multiple rooms in your house that need to be cooled at different times of day, a portable air conditioner can be an inexpensive solution.

They do still require access to the exterior, however, in order to vent the hot air, and also to equalize air pressure if you buy a dual-hose model. In a room with no windows, this can be achieved easily by drilling a couple of small holes for the hoses. Rooms that have windows do not need any modification, as the hoses can vent to the outside through the window.

Their small form factor does mean these models are generally less powerful than their fixed counterparts, and may not be able to regulate the temperature of a larger space such as a loft or basement that spans the entire footprint of your home.



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Tips on How to Cool a Room with No Windows

How to cool a room with no windows is a slightly more complex question to answer than simply which type of air conditioning you should install. There are things you can do to help your air conditioning work more effectively, and keep the room at a more comfortable temperature.

Try these tricks for how to cool down a room with no windows:

Always Keep The Doors Closed

This sounds like the opposite of what you should do to keep a room cool, but if that room has no windows, the doorway is one of the main places that the heat gets into the room. On a hot day, isolating a windowless room from the rest of the home will help keep it cooler.

Furthermore, whatever type of air conditioning you have chosen, leaving the door open will task it with cooling a much larger space. Keeping the door closed means the air conditioning unit only has to cool the space inside the room.

Control Your Internal Temperature

Remember that there are ways to cool yourself down as well as the room, such as by wearing lighter, breathable fabrics and drinking more cold water. Cold running water is also great at removing heat from your body, and taking a cold or lukewarm shower can have a lasting effect on your internal temperature. Don’t go too cold though, as ice-cold water can have the opposite effect, prompting your body to start heating up and fight the cold.

Turn Off Other Appliances in the Room

Turning off unneeded appliances is a surprisingly effective method of how to cool down a room with no windows. All electric appliances generate heat. Even just a light bulb can contribute to the overall temperature of a room, especially in a small room. Incandescent bulbs in particular generate much more heat than LED lights. While just one might not have much of a noticeable effect, leave a couple of lamps on in a room that is prone to overheating and they will absolutely make the situation worse.

More powerful devices like a laptop, tablet, or phone, create a lot more heat. If you are not using an appliance or the room itself, turning them off or taking them out will help to control the temperature.

If you are struggling with how to cool a windowless room in your property, Elite can help.  Our team is highly skilled and experienced in installing and maintaining air conditioning systems of all kinds, and can help you find the right solution for your situation. Contact us to get a free diagnostic.

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