High and Low-Quality Air Filters – What Makes Them Different?

An air filter for your HVAC system does exactly what it says–it filters air. These filters are designed to take dirt, allergens, and dust from the air in your home, and collect them so the air you breathe is cleaner.

These air filters can be relatively inexpensive, with some stores selling filters for as little as $2, and other stores selling filters which cost more than $30. The question the average HVAC owner often asks, is simply ‘what’s the difference’?

Elite Heating, Cooling & Plumbing thinks it’s important that users understand just where their money is going, and why the cost varies so wildly.

The Difference Between Low-Cost and High-Cost Filters

No matter the price of a filter, the performance will remain largely the same. Typically, these filters are made of cotton paper sheets or polyester, and they will act as a barrier between your heating and air conditioning system and its air intake. As air passes through the filter, dust and dirt particulates will stick to the filter and stop it from being circulated in your home.

Filters are rated using the MERV scale, with cotton filters often considered the most effective, owing to the ability of its fiber to ‘self-charge’ and remove smaller particles from the air.

Don’t Suffer from Allergies?

If you don’t suffer from allergies, then high-cost filters are not necessary for your air conditioning system. Most filters will do a satisfactory job of removing dirt and particulates from the air.

High-cost air filters will be designed to catch smaller particulates, including plant allergens and bacteria. When you pay more, that’s what you’re paying for.

Remember to Replace Air Conditioner Filters Regularly!

No matter what quality air filter you’re using, it’s essential that you replace your filters regularly. For the best quality filters, it’s possible to refrain from replacing for a few months. The cheapest filters might become dirty after 30 days. And instead of blowing cold air, your AC can start blowing warm air.

Ultimately, the decision lies with the user. As soon as a filter appears dirty, consider swapping it for a new one. Not only does this boost performance, but it allows your air filter to function without less strain. The more pollutants clogging the air filter, the more difficult it is for your HVAC system to circulate air.
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