Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog a Drain 

Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog a Drain 

Stagnant water or a slow drain are indications that your drains are clogged. This is a serious problem that comes with numerous inconveniences.

Many homeowners use chemical drain cleaners to remove the block. This will give you a fix, but the number of issues caused by the nasty, harsh chemicals outweighs the positive results.

The active ingredient in conventional drain cleaners is sodium hydroxide, also known as soda lye or caustic soda. It is a strong irritant and has adverse effects when ingested and a bane to the environment.

Adverse effects of chemical cleaners

Individuals who do not heed the warnings on the product’s container is exposed to the harmful effects of the substances. Contact via inhalation, ingestion, the skin, and eyes can cause vision difficulties, vomiting, chest pains, chemical burns, nose and throat irritation, and dermatitis.Unclog a Drain

The chemicals go directly to the local waterways eventually contaminating our rivers and streams. These kills sensitive species, damage plant, and animal habitats, and cause genetic mutations. Moreover, the chemical reaction causes hazardous fumes that damage the environment and place living creatures in harm’s way.

Side effects of a clogged drain

People tend to toss anything down the sink, they assume that there won’t be any issues with the abuse. If pushed to its limit this results to a clogged drain that is inconvenient and has some side effects.

Water will travel back up to your drain and rise to the surface. Using the clogged drain will cause water to overflow messing up your surroundings.

Stagnant water leads to dirty water which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Germs seep into the water system making it unhealthy to consume posing a health risk to the occupants.

A clog blocks water, a portion of the pipe dry out. Without moisture to drench odor these trapped materials stinks which seep into your home.

Leaking water from a clog cause mold, mildew, and attract bugs. Additionally, the water that is blocked is diverted resulting in pipe leaks, water gushing through the wall or floor producing warps or stains. Once you notice a leak, call a Las Vegas plumber and have your pipes fixed.

Which are the Best Eco-Friendly Ways to Unclog a Drain Unclog a Drain

Why use dangerous stuff when there are safer and more natural ways to get the job done. Removing the block in your drain without using harsh chemicals is inexpensive and safer than commercial drain cleaners.

Look no further these things are within arm’s reach. Enjoy a clog-free drain without using the corrosive, toxic chemicals that damage your health and the ecosystem. Here are some tips to do that:

Unclog a drain method 1: Plunger

Almost every home has a plunger for de-clogging the drain. This comes in a myriad of designs and sizes that works well with drainers for sinks, bath and laundry tubs.

A household tool that is easy to operate and move in tight spaces and store afterward. Sometimes a plunge or two will remove the clog in the drain.

To begin, bail out as much water as you can to prevent a mess. Be sure that the plunger has a tight seal around the drain opening and use those muscles to get a sucking motion going.

Push up and down slowly a few times and then pull it up quickly. This creates a vacuum that detaches the clog, but if the drain opening is not completely sealed expect a blowback of chemicals or getting wet from the splash.

The clog breaks and the drain flowing freely.

Unclog a drain method 2: Wire hanger

Straighten and provide a small hook at one end of the hanger, bend the other end to control the movement. Carefully insert the hook end down the drain. Keep moving and twisting to break the clog, pull the wire back to check if there are residues at the end. If there are, pour water to check the flow. A free flow indicates that there is no obstruction inside the pipe and the passage is blocked when water is drawn back. Continue the process until the drain becomes clear.

Unclog a drain method 3: Baking soda and vinegar

The reliable combination of baking soda and vinegar produces a chemical reaction that will bubble up and remove the clog. The first application doesn’t clean out all the gunk, the second pass will complete the work. Here’s how to keep your pipes clean and chemical-free:

  • Clean the area of the drain opening from debris.
  •  Dispense a ½ cup of baking soda down the drain sink.
  • Follow it up with a ½ cup of vinegar and cover the opening of the drain with a rag.
  • Let it settle for about 30 minutes while preparing hot water.
  • Remove the rag and pour the piping hot water down the drain this will help dislodge the accumulated particles.
  • If this does not work heat the vinegar before pouring.

Method 4: Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
A tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a cup of hydrogen peroxide will break the clog and clear the stopped-up drain. Leave the mixture for about an hour followed by hot water to wash the clog away. Hydrogen peroxide alone can unclog the drain but will require more than one application.

Tips from getting clogged drains

So your drain is freed from a clog, but how can you maintain this?

Check your sink stopper it might need to be replaced with one that prevents remains from getting through to the drain.

Give your drain pipe a drink of hot water every two weeks in small amounts with few-minute intervals. Debris will be prevented from building up and clogging the pipe.

Avoid disposing of cooking grease in your pipe it cools down and starts forming a clog. The best solution is to collect it in a jar and throw it in the trash.

Don’t allow food scraps to go down the drain using a strainer to keep the food out.

Install a pop-up stopper on your bathroom sink it attracts hair, dental floss, and nasty materials. If the water drains slowly there is a material buildup, it’s time to clean it to get rid of foreign materials.

Never discard paint thinner or paints in your drains.

Use a screen on your drains snugly fit this on your drain openings to prevent scum and gunk from entering the drain.

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