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Different Types of Home Heating Systems

There are a lot more options for heating your home than you might anticipate. From central heat to boiler systems, there are pros and cons to each type. If you buy existing construction, you’re going to have limited options depending on what system is in place already, unless you choose to do a full renovation and change out the system, but that can get pricy.

Before you do anything, education is key. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of home heating systems out there today.

Central Heat Options

Furnaces: Most people rely on furnaces that blow air throughout the home through vents, usually known as forced air heating systems. Some furnaces operate using electricity, sending the heat to electric baseboards or wall units throughout the home. Gas furnaces are more common than electric ones in residential homes, but both options are available.

Boilers: Water furnaces, also known as boilers, are systems that heat your home using hot water heat. These distribute the hot water, which is heated in the boiler, through pipes in the home. The pipes go through registers in each room, which radiate heat throughout the space, thanks to the heated pipes.

Heat Pumps: These are a newer option for many people and have been popular overseas for some time now. Heat pumps are essentially two-way air conditioners—instead of removing heat from the air, the pump can be reversed to remove the cold air and heat it, discharging it around the home for warmth. Almost all of these systems use forced air systems to move the heat.

Direct Heat

Space Heaters: Gas and electric space heaters are a form of direct heat that can be used in rooms where the central heat doesn’t really hit the mark. Gas-fired space heaters can also be installed on the wall, offering heating in rooms where it may not be available. Unvented heaters are available, but they’re not recommended. It’s important to be cautious with all space heaters used throughout the home.

Wood-Burning Stoves: Pellet or wood-burning stoves are a great eco-friendly option for heating your home if you’re willing to do the work to keep the fire going. These are popular in rural areas where it’s hard to get heat and they are great for saving money because wood and pellets cost less than natural gas or electricity.

Ask the Professionals

If you’re looking for a new heating system for your home, it’s helpful to talk to the experts about what you may need. Whether you know what you want or you’re just starting to look around, you should contact HVAC professionals to talk about different options for heating your home. That way, you’ll have all the information to make the most informed decision. You might even decide to upgrade to something like radiant floor heating or a ductless mini-split system to help keep your home temperate throughout the year. Whatever you choose, you’ll do so knowing that you are getting the best system for your home.


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