AC Making a loud noise

Why Is My AC Making a Loud Noise?

In the modern world, almost all the houses and apartments have air conditioning systems. AC units nowadays are often quiet. But there can occur situations when you can hear strange noises coming from your Air conditioner. You will know already that AC maintenance is vital, and if something breaks then AC repair might be pretty expensive. In some cases, though, it is just a very simple and basic fix or your issue might be covered by warranty.

In this guide, we’ve looked at some of the scenarios with a central AC making a loud noise to try and help you to diagnose the problem exactly, or to consider the specific part of the air conditioning unit that might need repair. If the air conditioner is making a funny noise, it’s time to learn a little bit about what different noises could mean.

Buzzing Noise

Buzzing is relatively common as the air conditioner gets a bit older and it is often something that can be attributed to parts getting looser as time goes on. It could even be the isolation feet. In some situations, though, it is likely to be a freeze within the AC unit or even an issue with the compressor which will require professional help.

Air Conditioner making a noiseHumming

The humming noise is something a lot of people ignore as just standard AC noise that might be generated from the processes of the unit itself, but this is often not the case as modern units have become quieter and quieter. Having an AC regular check-up can reveal issues from humming sounds and often it is the capacitor that is causing the hum, and it may have some sort of issue or need repair or replacement. An AC making a loud noise when off, such as a humming sound, can also be cause for concern.


The air conditioner making a loud noise of the rattling variety usually means that something in it has come loose. A component somewhere has become less rigidly attached and the vibrations are now causing a rattle. This can be one of the more frustrating and annoying noises to track down, but it is usually not a big deal and can be relatively easy to fix. Unless your air conditioner making a loud noise is really worrying you then you might be able to keep using it, too. Check if the functionality has been impacted.

Clanking, or Banging

Clanking and banging can lead to the AC making a loud noise that really concerns you. In these cases, the issue can usually be traced back to the blower assembly or an issue with the motor. Both of these can be pretty bad for your AC unit. This is the type of AC noise that should make you pick up the phone and get someone out to have a look at the issues.


A high-pitched squealing noise coming from your air conditioner is definitely quite disconcerting! It can sound a bit like screaming. The most likely cause is a slip to the belt connecting both motor and blower. Alternatively, the bearings could be worn within the motor. Once again this is more likely in an older model.

AC making a noisePulsating sound

An air conditioner making pulsating noise could also be caused by the air conditioner having a loose part. Often the pulsing is just a part of the normal process of the AC unit, but a loud air conditioner is still worth getting checked out, even if a pulsating noise is not the scariest or most worrying of the noises to come across when using an AC unit.

Gurgling (water noise)

If you hear a noise that is like a gurgling or bubbling water noise then it can be tough to know what exactly is going on inside your AC. The most likely issues are either a refrigerant leak or that the drain line that goes out of the air conditioning unit is simply being noisy. If it is a refrigerant problem then it is worth getting checked, but in most cases, an air conditioner making gurgling noise in the condensate line won’t hurt the AC if you want to keep it running.

Conclusion – What to Do With an Air Conditioner Making a Loud Noise?

The general advice is that any loud noise should at least be checked out. Modern units should run relatively quietly at pretty much all times.

Are you hearing a sound like the air conditioner making clicking noises? Time to get someone in to have a look at it. Is the air conditioner making noise when off? It’s time to call AC repair.

It’s always a good idea to give your AC regular check-up opportunities so that you can pick up on any issues before they become something that is hard to fix or something that could cost you an absolute fortune.

Some quiet noises and rattling are pretty normal. It isn’t always a cause for concern. Many air conditioners also come with relatively long warranties, but you will want to keep yours running for as long as you possibly can. It is always a good idea to book a regular service. Getting an engineer to have a look can give you the peace of mind when you are worried about every little sound, and wondering what is normal AC noise and what is something to get repaired before it is too late.

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