5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

We all depend on our air conditioners for a cool, comfortable indoor climate. Even the most high-end air conditioner can experience problems. When your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you may need AC repair from an air conditioning service company.

Even if a problem with an AC unit doesn’t render it inoperable, it can stop it from performing its desired function. It can be surprising and frustrating when your air conditioner begins to blow warm air, but there are a few main reasons this could be happening.

  • The Thermostat Settings May Be Wrong

It can be easy to start examining the inner components of your AC unit once it starts blowing warm air. However, an incorrect thermostat setting can be the cause of the problem. This type of mistake is often made when people have just installed a new thermostat and are learning how it works.

  • The AC’s Filters May Be Clogged

It’s not uncommon for people to call in AC repair services, only to find out that their air filters are the cause of the problem. Clogged filters can be one of the main reasons why your air conditioner is blowing warm air. Regular air conditioner service and maintenance can stop this from occurring. A drain must be unclogged as if not done it can cause serious problems.

  • The Refrigerant Could Be Low

Without the proper amount of refrigerant, no air conditioner can maintain a constant output of cold air. If there is a leak, adding more will not correct the problem. It may be necessary to use a sealant or even call in the professionals for emergency AC repair.

  • The Air Ducts May Be Leaking

Even a small leak in an air duct can be enough to hurt an air conditioner’s performance. In some cases, this can be fixed easily. If the ducts are hidden, it could require the help of a professional.

  • The Breaker May Be Blown

If your AC unit consumes a large amount of power, it could trip the breaker. This may result in the unit blowing warm air if the cooling components become inoperable.

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