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5 Most Common AC Problems You Can Avoid in Your Las Vegas House

While Las Vegas residents are used to three-digit temperature values, they still must keep their air conditioning system working at its top peak performance by avoiding Common AC Problems in Las Vegas, especially during the heatwave in Las Vegas where the temperature can be really punishing, causing discomfort to your loved ones.

What’s even worse is to find out that your AC is not working in this challenging situation.  Worry not, as there are cooling and heating system problems you can avoid in your house.

What Are the Most Common AC Problems You Can Avoid in Your Las Vegas House?

There are unavoidable problems in the Las Vegas air conditioning system that you can avoid with proper and adequate maintenance. Keep reading the following section for a start.

Refrigerant Leaks

Is your air conditioner low on refrigerant? The problem can be due to refrigerant leaks. It can also be due to an undercharged refrigerant at installation.

Remember, your AC’s efficiency and performance will be optimal when its refrigerant charge matches with the manufacturer’s instruction, not overcharged/undercharged.

One solution for leaks is adding refrigerant that a certified HVAC professional can do. He can test and charge your cooling and heating system with the correct amounts of refrigerant.  Consult a licensed HVAC technician for help on this AC problem.

[What’s a refrigerant?  This chemical is responsible for cooling the air in your system.  But if it has a reduced level, it might be due to an issue in the refrigerant system or a leak. But most of the time, your system being low on refrigerant indicates a leak that must be detected and fixed.]

[Read more about the phasing out of the R-22 refrigerant on the EPA website.]

You can also read about the phasing out of ozone-depleting substances controlled as a Class I/II controlled substances. By 2020, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), for instance, will be completely phased out.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils, which are responsible for absorbing heat coming from the air, are filled with refrigerant.  Although hard to believe, they need warm air to work properly.

So when there is poor airflow, these coils become cold with an ice layer forming on their outer parts. And when it happens, your home will have warm or no air from the AC supply registers.

Faulty Fans

Fans are essential components of an AC system. There are two in a unit. One is a fan blowing indoor air over the AC’s evaporator coil that works by cooling air. The other’s blowing air over the condenser, which will be expelling absorbed heat out of the property.

If one of these fans isn’t functioning well, your system can suffer from problems and your home with poor airflow.  

And over time when it’s unattended,   compressor failure can become the problem said to be the end of the line for your cooling and heating system. Fan issues might be due to lack of lubrication, faulty motor, too much debris, and dirt and worn belts.

Clogged Drainage

Properly working air filtration systems Las Vegas can prevent clogged drainage or drains.

This drainage system is where moisture that the AC is removing from the air is going.  Through the drain lines, excess moisture will be removed from the air before being moved into a pan before finally settling down into a drain.

But when the drainage is clogged or when the pan is full, the water is backing up, eventually damaging your system and costing much repair money.   

That’s not all because you might also end up with damaged walls, furnishings, and ceilings due to water leaks.  As it gets worse, mold growth becomes a problem.

Prevent a clogged AC drainage by having regular air conditioning maintenance.

Leaky Ducts

The ducts, which run through the ceilings and walls, deliver cooled air from the system throughout your home. But when there are breaks or holes in the ducts, cooled air can wind up inside your ceilings and walls, where no one will receive its comfort, especially in the hottest months.  One cause of leaks can be careless workers or rodents.

If neglected, leaky ducts make your cooling and heating system work harder, increasing your energy bills.  You should have the ductwork inspected and repaired for any rodent damage or holes.   

Consult an HVAC expert to look into your ducts’ condition especially if you notice that your energy bills are increasing without changing energy usage and if insufficient air is coming from the registers.

Summing Up

By knowing these avoidable problems with regular HVAC maintenance and parts they’re coming from, you can plan ahead, take proactive measures, and achieve an optimally working air conditioning system with help from certified AC technicians.

Never neglect regular maintenance to avoid the most common causes of AC problems. A plan in place can ensure that your system is subject to inspection and tune-up as scheduled.

Nevertheless, maintenance is the more cost-effective solution than having to spend on frequent and increasingly expensive HVAC repairs, or replacing your AC. And by being mindful of your cooling and heating system’s needs, you can achieve maximize efficiency, keep your family members happy and comfortable and control your energy consumption. If you need any assistance, contact your trusted Las Vegas HVAC contractor today!


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