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4 Signs a New HVAC System Should Be on Your Christmas List

Heating systems Las Vegas is essential to keep homes comfortable especially in the winter months when keeping ideal temperatures are necessary. Plus with an efficient heating system, families can enjoy rewards including energy savings, enhanced air quality, and increased comfort by having a new HVAC system.

However, it might not be the case for heating systems, which are too old, need constant repairs and struggles to operate and maintain an optimal temperature.  For further explanation, let’s discuss more of these signs that a new HVAC system should be included on your Christmas list.

The System Struggles to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

One of the common signs you need a new HVAC system needs replacement is when it’s struggling to keep an optimal temperature. In short, it’s no longer doing its jobs and having performance issues. A way to tell this is some rooms in your home are having hot or cold spots. It can indicate duct problems, improper operation or insufficient insulation.

Another sign your unit is struggling can be your indoor temperature isn’t matching what you set in the thermostat. Then, the system might also be always short cycling because it’s trying to meet heated or cooled air requirements.

Other signs of its struggle also include strange odors, weird noises and long running time. All these can indicate issues that need attention. For example, weird noises can mean some components are loose and need replacement.

Especially when the system is old, which will be discussed more in a bit, it might operate with unbearable and constant noise. For example, the furnace can be producing strange noises that include banging or groaning.

Your Bills Have Increased Since Last Year

Have you been paying higher electricity bills since last year?  Escalating utility bills is a sign you need a new system that works more efficiently and consumes less electricity than an old HVAC system does.

Otherwise, not replacing your heating system will continue increasing your electricity bill because a less efficient and old heater and air conditioner consume more energy.

So if there is no change in your household’s daily routine yet your bills are escalating, you should definitely consider a new heating and cooling system.  As no matter how your old unit has been maintained to perform well, it will degrade as it ages.

Thus, replacing your old HVAC system is what you need if you’re constantly investing in maintenance, but your household’s energy consumption is still increasing.

It Is More Than a Decade Old

The older the model the less efficient it becomes.  

Think and reflect. When was the heating system installed?   According to the Department of Energy, HVAC systems need replacement every 10 to 15 years.

HVAC systems work efficiently over this period if they’re well maintained.  If not, yours will work less efficiently and start increasing your bills and you will be spending more on frequent repairs.    

Now, how much will you save if you’d replace your system?

The Department of Energy reports that replacing a more than 10 years old heat pump or air conditioner can save homeowners 20% on energy bills, especially by replacing it with an Energy Star model.  

In the case of the furnace, replacing if it’s more than 15 years old will save homeowners 15% on the energy bill. Also, you can save up to 40% on utility bills with a new and efficient system.

Bottom line, a too old unit, which is more than a decade old, needs replacing if you want to save on utility bills and keep optimal indoor air temperature and quality with a more efficient, new HVAC system.

The System Must Frequently Be Repaired

HVAC systems are like cars, which require repairs from time to time.  However, repairs could easily add up if the system is too old, and many parts are starting to break down and needing replacement.

As your HVAC system is getting older, it requires more repairs, but it is not cost-effective.

Ask yourself.  Do you need frequent heating repair Las Vegas?  Are the coils, motors or compressors failing? Is the cost of parts replacement and labor adding up fast?

In the end, spending too much on repairs in order to keep the unit running is not practical and cost-effective.  So instead of using your money on constant repairs and parts replacement, you might want to consider a new system on your Christmas list.

Get Help from Las Vegas HVAC Pros

A more than a decade old unit, which needs frequent repairs, struggles to meet constant temperature and works less efficiently, should be replaced. Or else, your household’s energy usage will keep escalating. You will also keep spending on parts replacement no matter how well you maintain the unit. In addition, indoor air quality will be poor and temperature will be inconsistent. You don’t need to deal with these issues by considering a new HVAC system.  Contact heating and cooling companies in Las Vegas today!

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